I'm a Woman, What's Your Superpower?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but the usual Mother’s Day activities might look and feel much different to everyone this year. This new situation that our world is in has a lot of women and mothers feeling uncertain, scared, jobless, stressed out, or just not feeling like themselves. Women and mothers have their usual responsibilities and expectations, but this pandemic has changed our way of living, adding more pressure than ever before. We want all women to know that they are strong, resilient and powerful warriors. Each woman possesses the confidence and strength to find their purpose and move forward, even if it takes a bit longer to find it. You've got this, we promise.

We want to share the story of an entrepreneur who demonstrates that women have the power to achieve happiness, greatness and success on their own accord. Sometimes, we need take a step back and ask what makes us happy? What can we do for ourselves? Our very own Infuzion Foods Chef Owner, Konya Lindsey, has come up with the perfect recipe for happiness and self-discovery - it calls for passion, confidence, determination and a little bit of sugar.

Konya’s culinary flame started to spark when she was growing up in California, cooking and baking with her family. She enjoyed baking so much that she went on to sell her cookies and rice cereal treats at school. “That’s how I paid for my prom dress!” she says. As she went onto college, she cooked dinners in her dorm room and sold them to her classmates, further carrying out her passion for cooking and baking.

With a bachelors degree in Marketing and Business Management and a Masters degree in Business and Marketing, Konya went on to work at a major clothing retailer, along with a telecommunications company. In 2002, after her and her husband had moved to Baltimore, she noticed that although she liked her job, her love of the culinary world was making itself

more apparent than ever. Konya explains, ”My husband and I love to entertain in our home. I was always cooking meals and baking desserts for our friends to enjoy. That really opened my eyes to how much I truly enjoyed cooking and baking, and the sense of pride and accomplishment I felt in seeing others enjoy food that I prepared with my own hands.” It dawned on her that although she was happy, something was missing. She bravely quit her day job and began pursuing her dream of cooking and baking. She has a cookbook titled Delicious Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth - a collection of homemade desert recipes. Konya states, “Over the years, I have encountered so many people who find baking to be such an extremely daunting and stressful task. It was because of this that I felt the need to write this cookbook.”

In 2014, she founded Infuzion Foods, a company that creates cannabis-infused products and is paving the way for a more socially responsible approach to cannabis consumption through the creation of unique, safe and delicious products that are consistent in both dosage and efficacy. Infuzion Foods launched its Hemp-Derived CBD Almond Toffee Pretzel Bites in

March of 2020. These bites are squares of toffee layered with salty pretzels, decadent milk chocolate and crunchy almonds. Each bag contains 100mg of premium Hemp-Derived CBD (25mg per serving). Infuzion Foods also launched Peanut Butter & Jelly Hemp-Derived CBD Bites, which are a sweet and salty combination of a scrumptious peanut butter cookie with decadent raspberry jam. Each bag contains 100mg of premium Hemp-Derived PB&J CBD (25mg per serving). Click here to purchase yours!

Konya has showed that women are capable of incredible things if we believe in ourselves. You might find it difficult right now to be motivated or see your own potential, and that is okay. Many are struggling to even carry out daily, simple activities. Remember that this is temporary and you are not alone. It's time for us as women to uplift each other and encourage each other to do what makes us happy, to do what we believe will help us reach our full potential. It can start slowly even with the smallest of steps. There is a light at the end of this tunnel of darkness and uncertainty. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

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