Stallion Roll-On

Stallion Roll-On


Per Bottle: 100mg Premium Hemp-Derived CBD


Soothe your physical strains with Stallion Gold's sleek, compact, and formulated roller utilizing Nano CBD, methyl salicylate, terpenes, and menthol. Gold flakes are proven to reduce joint swelling, along with our proprietary terpene and essential oil blend. Combined with a topical NSAID, Stallion penetrates deep, reducing inflammation, while menthol crystals act as a counter-irritant to the originating pain signal. This roll-on alleviates local discomforts and improves mobility quickly and effectively. 


How it Works : 

Stallion works quickly in attenuating discomforts and its root cause, inflammation. 


Methyl salicylate and menthol work together to warm and cool away discomforts, countering the originating response. Zymix™ micronized Nano CBD and our proprietary essential oil/terpene absorbs quickly while penetrating deep, to reduce inflammation.


Use 3X daily, or as conditions persists.