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Our non-toxic, no-rinse, premium Hemp-Derived CBD-infused solution provides advanced hygiene for the hands and the face, safe for use around the T-zone (eyes, nose, and mouth), which are portals for infection, as well as fabric and hair. What's more, Sozo Protect supports the skin's natural barrier and defensive function.


While your typical alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be effective at killing pathogens, overusing them can cause damage to the skin and even compromise the skin's natural barrier and defensive functions. Additionally, hand sanitizers are intended for use on just the hands and only last a few seconds, whereas our solution can be used on the entire body, fabric, and hair, and lasts for up to 4 hours.


Sozo Protect uses premium hemp-derived CBD, which is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing muscle soreness, skin redness and sensitivity, and has anti-irritation properties that can be caused by dry skin, sunburn, bug bites or other non-serious conditions.


Shake well. Apply 2 pumps onto desired area(s), rub in until absorbed.

For hand application, rub hands together until absorbed, being sure to cover all surfaces of palms, backs of both hands, in between fingers, and underneath fingernails.

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For T-zone application, gently rub around your eyes, mouth, and inside each nostril using a circular motion until absorbed.

Do not rinse. Repeat every 3 hours as needed.

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