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Sublingual Troches

These sublingual troches are infused with premium Hemp-Derived CBD oil. They dissolve in your mouth, providing a calming sensation and relief from discomfort.

Stallion Roll-On

VitaGlobal's proprietary terpene and essential oil blend, and nano active hemp extract soothes local discomforts quickly, improving mobility, reducing inflammation, and attenuating the perception of pain.


Market adoption of oral pills' effectiveness are influenced by variables affecting the outcome of the actual drug reaching systemic circulation (blood stream). Food interaction (diet), 1st pass effect (liver) and malabsorption (gut health) affect dosaging, onset and duration. 

Bioavailability is defined as the proportion of drug, or other substance which enters circulation when introduced into the body, that is able to have an active effect.


  • Lack of pharmaceutical and medical science-driven CBD applications on the market

  • Market adoption of antiqued and slow pill based delivery systems

  • Current sublingual on average require 20-30 minute dissolve times

  • CBD naturally has a bitter unpleasant taste, with an astringent-like effect


  • Create a new delivery system in the form of a sublingual Troche, delivering the promise of quick onset through superior bioavailability with formulated targeted applications

  • Proprietary triglyceride base improves contact time in oral mucosa, dissolving rapidly <5 min under the tongue, or between the cheek and gum. Current market standard for sublinguals is 20-30 min dissolve time

  • Proprietary BitterBloc removes bitterness and astringent-like nature of Hemp-Derived CBD

Live Better 360 Premium Hemp-Derived CBD Products

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